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How do we formulate our views on religion and philosophy? Politics and our society at large greatly influence our perspectives – making it difficult to know where to turn for the truth… 

Francis J. Beckwith joins the podcast to discuss his work as a philosopher, professor, scholar, speaker, writer, and lecturer. As a Professor of Philosophy and Church-State Studies, Associate Director of Graduate Studies in Philosophy, and Affiliate Professor of Political Science at Baylor University, Francis is no stranger to unpacking tough subjects. Whether it be religion, jurisprudence, politics, or ethics, Francis is on a mission to uncover fundamental truth.

So, what sets Francis J. Beckwith’s worldview apart from other philosophers? In this episode, he sits down to explain…

Join in the conversation to discover:

  • The most fascinating philosophical questions. 
  • What “real” evidence accounts for.
  • How religion has shaped modern society.
  • Where most of our beliefs come from.

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