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Join Dr. Peter Crockford, a professor in Carleton University’s Department of Earth Sciences, in this discussion about his groundbreaking work, and learn how he discovered the telling relation between signatures in rocks billions of years old, the likely rate of production (e.g., oxygen release from ancient microorganisms) at specific times in the history of the biosphere, and how much life has ever existed on the planet.

Tune in for this fascinating conversation and discover:

  • Roughly how many cells are on the planet today, where is the majority of them located, and the rate of cell turnover.
  • Whether we can determine how much life will ever exist on Earth… or even the next 1,000 years.
  • The relationship between glaciation and cellular productivity in the biosphere.
  • The possibility of engineering the planet to be at a certain temperature, retain a certain amount of CO2, and more.

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