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“Mom, who’s the most intelligent man in the world?” asked 11-year-old Wolfgang Smith one hot summer day in 1941.

“Albert Einstein,” she said.

Just weeks later, happenstance would put Wolfgang right in front of Einstein, gazing up in awe, soaking up every last word of his wisdom.

Wolfgang would go on to become a scholar, researcher, and writer in mathematics, physics, theology, metaphysics, and religion.

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  • The critical difference between the ‘corporeal’ world and the ‘physical’ world, how it impacts the general public, and what it means for your sense of reality
  • Vertical causality, horizontal causality, and intelligence: how understanding the connection reframes our idea of artificial intelligent
  • The contemporary notion that humans were unlearned and ignorant before the 17th century/Newtonianism (and why this idea is hurting us)
  • Wolfgang’s thoughts on Heisenberg’s uncertainty principle and his solution to “the measuring problem,” which has stymied physicists for a century
  • Whether AI can have the capabilities of a human being

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Tune in for the entire conversation, visit Philos-Sophia Initiative Foundation », and watch Wolfgang’s film, The End of Quantum Reality.

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