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Once again, we are joined by Ken McCarthy, one of the original pioneers of the movement to commercialize the Internet. As an activist, educator, entrepreneur, and Internet commercialization pioneer, Ken is on a mission to redefine online business and educate his audience.

Ken is an author that’s determined to expose people to the truth. In his latest book, Fauci’s First Fraud: The Foundation of Medical Totalitarianism in America, he outlines the logistics behind the AIDS pandemic – and how the 2020 global pandemic was similar. 

Was the pandemic truly what it seemed, or was there more going on that we don’t know about? In this episode, we sit down with Ken to address this question and others like it…

Jump in now to uncover:

  • How the CDC functions in our society.
  • How antibiotic abuse impacted the AIDS pandemic.
  • The ways that mass hysteria impacts public health. 

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