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“Until you know yourself, you cannot give yourself.”

This is a mantra that Juan Lee, author of the book, “Love Made Simple”, uses to coach his ideology on love. In his book, he outlines the power of the principles of love and the authentic self. 

In addition to being an author, Lee is a life coach and the founder of the nonprofit organization Clear Journey, which allows people to have access to the resources of sponsors as they work to better themselves. 

Through his past in the military and his study of organized religion, he has found the elements that unite humanity and brings his knowledge of the power of love to those who need it.

Listen now to hear Juan Lee talk about:

  • The importance of unifying, and the hope of love.
  • How to use love to encourage tolerance and understanding in our society.
  • How to take the first steps towards the elements of unity.

Juan Lee says that in order to reprogram, we must deprogram ourselves – and he teaches important concepts like this throughout his coaching process. You can learn more about Juan Lee and his work by visiting his website at

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