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Being able to compile scientific observations in an engaging way can be a difficult task to achieve. William Sargent, an author and scientist, has managed to succeed with this endeavor numerous times – and he joins us today to tell us how…

William is a NOVA consultant and author of 27 books about science and the environment. In 2022, he published World on Edge: Covid-19, Climate Change, Ukraine and Solutions, a book that explores the origins, mutations, and effects of Covid-19. 

From marine biology to global warming, William has a wealth of knowledge to share with his audience. Join the podcast now to learn more about his intriguing perspective on a wide range of important scientific topics!

In this episode, you will uncover:

  • An overview of William’s latest book.
  • The most important things to consider when looking at erosion on a barrier beach.
  • Solutions to the threats of storms and sea level rise.
  • Scientific factors to look for in the aftermath of COVID-19.

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