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Why is the vast majority of the population not only law-abiding but benevolent, generous, and kind? What differs between these people and those who behave oppositely? And what role does religion play in helping people flourish in different societies?

These are the questions that Byron Johnson investigates in his work as a criminologist and Distinguished Professor of Social Sciences at Baylor University.

Press play to learn:

  • How many billions of dollars are donated every day to charities, and who’s donating it
  • What hundreds of studies show about the relationship between religion and faith, and the ability to turn one’s life around and form a new identity
  • Why religion is a major subfield of criminology (and how it predicts who will express criminal behavior and who won’t)
  • Faith-based solutions in the foundation and transformation of prisons
  • Prison and probation – could there be a happy middle ground?

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