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Does our democratic system have room for everyone’s voice? Are meaningful, thoughtful, and effective conversations being had between citizens? Is there trust and understanding between the general public and the government?

Many people would answer “no” to all three questions, and this is what Peter MacLeod is trying to change.

Tune in to learn:

  • Why surveys fail to capture enough information from the public
  • How MASS LBP citizens’ assemblies are selected and what they do
  • Who “the government” is really comprised of
  • The value of consensus views as opposed to majoritarianism

MacLeod is the founder and principal of MASS LBP, an internationally recognized organization that works with western governments and corporations to strengthen public engagement in the democratic decision-making process and improve relations between citizens and government.

MacLeod discusses the ins and outs of MASS LBP engagement campaigns, including outcomes, public feedback, concrete examples of deliberative democracy in action, and how to get involved.

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