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Gannon Sims joins the podcast today to discuss his work in ministry. Gannon is a founding team member of Fresh Expressions US, a movement striving to “bring the church Jesus loves closer to the people Jesus loves.” He is also a pastor, songwriter, and author of the book, Bringing Church Home.

Gannon is on a mission to bring the church to people – which is a challenging task given the decline in church participation in recent years. So, what is Gannon’s approach? To think outside the walls of the church…  

Tune in now to explore:

  • How Gannon is living out his Christian calling, and how it emerged in his life.
  • The importance of integrating the church into the local community.
  • How a church can survive and thrive in today’s age.
  • What adaptive leadership is, and why it is so critical to an effective ministry.

Whether you are a devout Christian or have no religious affiliation, this episode is sure to offer engaging spiritual insight!

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