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Most of us deal with some level of social anxiety, but some of us are overwhelmed by it—to the point that it impacts our opportunities, relationships, and day-to-day life.

Join us as we talk with Kyle Mitchell, TedX speaker, accomplished author, and visionary founder of Social Anxiety Kyle. Kyle intimately understands the challenges of navigating high school plagued by anxiety, yet in college, he embarked on a quest to find freedom from its grip. Reflecting on his own struggles, he extends a lifeline to his younger self and all adolescents and teens battling social anxiety.

In today’s world, the pervasive nature of social anxiety in young people is underestimated. As troubled students confide in him, seeking support in the face of parental dismissal, Kyle offers relatable firsthand experiences, compassion, and empathy.

In this enlightening podcast, discover:

  • The formidable social pressures faced by today’s youth
  • Information overload—how does it contribute to anxiety in young people?
  • Kyle’s innovative activities and workshops tailored for youth, aimed at gradual exposure to public speaking, self-confidence, and stepping out of comfort zones
  • The importance of cultivating a fresh mindset in overcoming social anxiety and embracing authenticity

Tune in now for the full conversation and learn more about Kyle’s work at Social Anxiety Kyle.

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