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Religion enormously affects how social, political, and economic systems function. Also known as the anthropology of religion, this fascinating field of research explains a lot about our society – and the individuals who live in it. Joining us to discuss his perspective on religious anthropology is Dr. Jon Mitchell, a Professor of Social Anthropology at the University of Sussex.

Dr. Mitchell is currently researching “Pilgrimomics,” a program that analyzes pilgrimage across five different faith groups. By looking at various migrant groups across the UK, he is attempting to uncover the economic dimensions of pilgrimage. This reveals exciting information about how and why different religious collectives move through the world, and the economic implications this has…

In this discussion, we go over:

  • How biblical archaeology and the anthropology of religion differ from each other. 
  • An overview of the political and religious processes on the island of Malta. 
  • What Europeanization is, and how it affects various societies. 
  • How economies are affected by pilgrimage sites. 

You can learn about Dr. Mitchell and his work here!

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